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The biggest thing of interest here are my projects, so be sure to check them out!
Note: this site is ancient - built in 2004 and not updated much since (been way too busy). Don't judge me too harshly!
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Latest projects
Phanfare Windows ClientPhanfare 2.0 Windows Client
Updated: 2008Status: Work in progress
The latest and greatest Phanfare client, written in flashy WPF.
PSP PlayerPSP Player
Updated: 2008Status: Work in progress
I recently picked up a Playstation Portable, and although cool I was surprised by the lack of a working emulator for it, so I started on one. It's pretty far along; has a full R4000 CPU dynamic recompiler, OpenGL video subsystem, and implements a good portion of the PSP's OS. It can play a few commercial games, and with a bit of time could probably play many more. Check out the site - it's open source!
Phanfare 1.0 Mac Client
Updated: 2006-06-23Status: Commercial release
The Macintosh version of the Phanfare client software I write for work. If you are lucky enough (sarcasm?) to own a Mac, check it out! I got a pretty good review at Imaging Resource. I'm pretty proud of my first piece of 'real' software, even if it is for the Mac :)
Updated: 2006-04-09Status: Completed
Class project designed to evolve intelligent agents in a game-like context. I was actually able to get it to work! Check out the website for some screenshots and videos. Hopefully there will be more projects in the future that use the work I did here, and I'll try to keep it updated with my latest work.
Updated: 2006-01-12Status: Concept
Windows Explorer replacement. Very cool. Would be nice to finish, but the new Explorer view in Vista is pretty sexy and may discourage me from finishing this. My hope is that I'll find a way to do the filtering like they have it and then revisit this. If anything, I learned a lot about Win32 Shell programming!
DirtyTalk v3
Updated: 2004-02-28Status: Experimenting
I began yet again a new DirtyTalk (communications sniffer) - this time using my knowledge of .NET for good instead of for writing crappy code. The entire project is being built in Visual Studio.NET Whidbey, and hence cannot be publicly distributed (you don't have the runtime anyways!). Works very well, is stable, and has a much improved UI over the previous versions. It's done in terms of core functionality, but as I find time I'll add some more things.

Site news
2008-02-14AllUpdated a bunch of stuff. Considering redoing this site.