Project: DirtyTalk v3

Name:DirtyTalk v3
Authors:Ben Vanik (noxa)
Status:In progress / Concept
Technologies:.NET / C# / Networking / Security / User Interface
Requirements:.NET Framework 2.0, WinPcap
Release policy:Private - Source not available
Additional help:Tim Dawson's utilities
Synopsis:Latest incarnation of DirtyTalk, with a sexy UI. Built for the .NET Framework 2.0.

Revision historyDetails

First release2004-02-23
This shot shows off the first release version, which contained the capture engine and core UI. The 'Raw console' is similar to your average packet sniffer, and is highly dangerous on an open network simply because it performs no filtering and stores every message received - I filled 1.5GB of RAM in about a minute and a half! The feature itself is not that important, and mainly used for debugging.

AIM core release2004-02-25
The application is now featured enough to be useful. This shot shows AIM traffic as picked up on the network to the left (with HTML display on the bottom), the 'Host browser' in the middle (which has some neat filtering rules), and the 'Active hosts' list on the right (shows hosts with activity within the last hour). Note that the capture graph is much cleaner this time around, namely because I don't have the raw console up. Average CPU usage is about 4-6%, and memory usage stays at a stable 30MB.


Revision history
2004-02-253.001.1000General / Feature changeAIM decoders added, as well as supporting UI.
2004-02-233.001.0000Initial releaseFirst release; capture services completed, as well as base UI.





Ben Vanik (noxa)
Since this project makes great use of the features of .NET 2.0 (generics namely, as well as some of the UI enhancements) I cannot release it yet. As soon as Whidbey goes into beta I will post the code for the capture library I built (Noxa.Services.Capture).

Progress on this project will be slow for a long time to come, as I completed what I wanted (learn the features of .NET 2.0) and my only Whidbey install is on my laptop. When Whidbey hits beta I may pick up on this and implement some of the things that are just halfway done now, such as DNS/HTTP/POP watchers and the like.