Project: Phanfare 2.0 Windows Client

Name:Phanfare 2.0 Windows Client
Authors:Ben Vanik (noxa)
Started:Fall 2007Finished:Christmas 2007
Technologies:.NET / C# / WPF / Imaging / Networking / User Interface
Release policy:Public - Source not available
Additional help:N/A
Synopsis:A full-featured rich client for the Phanfare 2.0 service built on WPF from scratch. Features image import/acquire, account/album/image management, and many other features in a connected/disconnected manner. Very very pretty, with a lot of flashy things like resizable thumbs, zoom to fullsize bits with Google Maps-style navigation, etc.

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Phanfare Windows client main screenMain Screen 
The main screen of the application, showing the album list on the left and the album contents on the right. Designed to be attractive and easy to use, and NOT Office ;)
Scales to albums of 3000+ images without a problem, and is really, really fast.

Phanfare Windows client main screenMain Screen (Big) 
The main screen again, this time showing it off on a large display with the thumbnails scaled up. This is to cull large albums.

Phanfare Windows client image editorImage Editor 
WYSIWYG editing, Google Maps-style zoom to fullsize, and a nifty filmstrip.

Phanfare Windows client searchSearch 
Combined local/remote search over your entire collection.


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Ben Vanik (noxa)
When the plan for Phanfare 2.0 was getting drawn up, I pushed for a rewrite of the Windows client (having completed the from-scratch development of the Mac one). The plan was to leapfrog where the Mac was, and I feel it's reached that. The client is much more in-line with the most common photo management tools, while also having the always-connected, no need to publish model of Phanfare. It features the ability to work connected to the service (where changes are synced as you work) as well as disconnected (the 'on a plane over the Atlantic' model), smart caching that allows things like zooming in to the fullsize bits, and a bunch of nice little features both new and unique to Phanfare.
The most amazing part of this all is that it took only 6 months to go from zero code to a released product, on a v1.0 WPF framework. It was a rush :)