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My other sitesOther sites I own or operate
Friends/familyLinks to my friends and families
ComicsWebcomics that don't suck, and some fun games
ToolsTools that I use often
DevelopmentDeveloper-oriented resources
Orlando/UCF relatedThings related to Orlando or UCF
Daily visitsList of sites that I check every day

My other sites
Vanik.netFamily domain, primarily used for e-mail services now. Maybe one day I can teach my mom to build sites and she can set something up.
Nomorals.orgFirst domain I ever got, used for e-mail and project tests.
Ixtli.comProject site for Ixtli.
Hiranipra.comProject site for Hiranipra.

ArthurNot what you think, but close.
ColteKnown him for years - owns the best domain name ever.
DaveGood friend. Much rockage.
EricEric loves his weird stuff. He also runs a webcomic.
RobAlmost as big a geek as me, but much more popular with the ladies. <sigh>

Diesel SweetiesNeat art and very cool. Updated every weekday.
Penny-ArcadeIf you haven't heard of this place you are in a box. A very small box. MWF.
Saint CityEric's site. Sick humor abounds - avoid if you aren't like us :)
Scary go roundOne of my favorites - it's episode based. Start at the beginning! Updated every weekday.
Wrench FarmA comic similar to Eric's. Used to be called Dr. Lobster back in the day. MWF.

010 EditorHex editorMost powerful and versatile hex editor I have stumbled upon so far.
Alcohol 120%CD/DVD burning/imagingGreat UI, shell integration, and support for almost every format. I picked up a 120GB drive just to image all my CD's - no more binders for me!
AppLocaleGlobalizationIf you ever get a program that doesn't display it's text correctly (i.e., many import games), you can use this to force it into it's specific codepage.
AzureusBitTorrentBest BitTorrent client ever. Tons of useful features and great control. Uses a lot of memory, but worth it if you can spare it.
CloudmarkAnti-spamInvaluable Outlook plug-in that works on a totally different level than just 'filtering'. Check out the website for more info.
CygwinLinux on WindowsUseful for running a bunch of things. Now features an X server! I use it just so that I can have a bash shell on Windows.
FirefoxAlternate IEThey should just kill Mozilla already and stick with this. Still not IE in terms of usability, but getting there (with plug-ins). It's the exclusive browser on my laptop.
MS Baseline Security AnalyzerWindows Update on crackThis is a necessity for anyone who isn't a moron. Grab it and scan your machines; it will tell you exactly what you need and suggest fixes to common vulnerabilities.
ProxomitronAd/script blockerShould be on everybody's computer. It sits between your browser and the website you are visiting, so you don't get any nasty browser crashes (damn unstable plug-ins!) and it has many more options than your common toolbar.
SmartFTPFTP clientUnbelievably free FTP client that is better than any of the ones I've used that expect me to pay for them!
WinRARArchiverGet this. If you use WinZip, you need this. Save yourself!


Orlando/UCF related
LANKnightsBest club on campus! Used to be called UCFGaming before SGA went all Nazi on them.

Daily visits
KotakuGame blog with a twist.
EvilAvatarGaming news - like bluesnews, but easier on the eyes.