Project: AnimeDB

Authors:Ben Vanik (noxa)
Technologies:.NET / ASP.NET / Database / User Interface
Requirements:.NET Framework 1.0 Beta
Release policy:Private - Source not available
Additional help:N/A
Category:Information management
Synopsis:Web-based anime series organizer.

Revision historyDetails

Series browser2001-10-10
The point of the application is to organize anime series. The background window shows the listing of all the series in the database as well as basic information; the foreground shot shows the detailed series information. The data displayed is pretty much self explanatory.

Music browser2001-10-10
This scans a folder in my archive and builds a list sorted by show, album, and track. This specific shot shows the show view (all albums in a show, at the bottom of the list are miscellaneous tracks), and the album view on top. The little WinAMP icon represents an neat function which builds a .pls so the files can be streamed over the internet/network/locally right to your favorite media player.


Revision history
2004-02-29N/AN/AProject pending restart.
2001-10-150.002.0000General / Feature changeDatabase redesign, inclusion of music browser.
2001-09-250.001.0000Initial releaseFirst release, and my first .NET application!





Ben Vanik (noxa)
This was my first big project in .NET, and was a great excuse to play with the beta I was on. I decided to choose VB.NET as my language because I had coded in VB for many years and the transition seemed easier than going to an entirely new language. I'm glad I did it like that, because I was able to focus more on the class library and underlying concepts than the language syntax.

The web interface pulls from an Access database. I also wrote a little 'bounce' application that adds itself to the context menu of video files to allow them to be easily added to the database with CRC/size/etc. Note that this doesn't have any editing features - just viewing and adding.

For editing, I use Access. At the time I wrote this I wasn't concerned with the feature set of the system, and because of that a lot of things are just hacked in there.




Ben Vanik (noxa)
One of these days I really need to rewrite this. I have long since lost most of the source/tools for this, although I still use the Access database to manage all my anime. Maybe when Whidbey gets a little more stable I will write a new system; kind of a learning exercise like this originally was.